August 22, 2016

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The future of homecare is bright and filled with opportunities for growth and success!

By David Tapia, MBA, FACHE, FHIMSS, Author

Current Climate
In many ways, the future looks bright for home health care. The current demographic trends indicate that 10,000 baby boomers will turn the "Medicare age" of 65 every single day for the next 18 years. This trend means that 3.65 million new seniors every year will become Medicare beneficiaries and engage our end of the healthcare continuum at unprecedented rates. As an added vote of confidence, a recent AARP study indicates that 90% of these seniors will prefer to age in place, meaning that they would rather receive healthcare services in the comfort of their own home where they can maintain the privacy and dignity of care in an environment where the feel safe. Ultimately this results in a greater need for home health care services from a burgeoning patient population.

Evolve to Survive
The only way to overcome the many challenges home health care agencies face is to evolve. There is no "silver bullet" for the kind of solution needed; there is a need for fundamental change. What current agencies need is a comprehensive organizational shift that is more like a "Total agency makeover" addressing all aspects of the agency. All change begins with leadership…

A future-ready home health care agency is created from the top down, starting with corporate culture. A healthy corporate culture drives productivity and compliance. A simple exercise is to start by asking yourself if your agency is a great place to work. Take a look at your senior management team. Do they:

  • Empower their staff with the right tools to do the job?
  • Inspire their staff?
  • Create a culture of Continuous Quality Improvement?
  • Set an example with positive attitude?
When you have leaders who inspire and support to build a positive corporate culture, you see great results.

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ABC at a Glance
June, 2016

Top 5 Placement -
June '16
Franchisee Sales
Nicole Akins $34,461
Stephanie Gregory $22,336
Angela Encarnacion $17,549
Bob Nelson
Joan Shifflett $8,000
*These numbers are calculated using the Club Report and placement numbers do not include ClearCare users.

Top 5 Starts-of-Care -
June '16
Franchisee Number
Bryant Greene 37
Carrie Bianco
Shonda Boudet 17
Bruce Meyer 17

Top 4 Skilled Care -
June '16
Franchisee Sales
Neil & Tom Golli $303,436
John Lybarger $30,497
Bill Mathis $17,506
Jim & Christi Bechtold $15,204

Top 5 Sales Producers YTD -
June '16
Franchisee Sales
Bryant Greene $ 15,138,978
Neil & Tom Golli $ 1,997,239
John & Carrie Bianco $ 1,754,804
Tom & Colleen Foley $ 1,665,115
David Robinson $ 1,592,482

Top 5 Sales Producers -
June '16
Franchisee Sales
Bryant Greene $ 2,512,911
Neil & Tom Golli $ 353,240
John & Carrie Bianco $ 286,656
Tom & Colleen Foley $ 275,129
Shonda Boudet
$ 254,549

Top 5 Fastest Growing
$85,000+ Sales* June '16
Franchisee Sales Change
Carmen Fernandez $201,586 372%
Piya Paulus $135,376 150%
Howard Goldstein $128,855 113%
Neil Golli $353,240 65%
Rick Downey $114,012 63%
*Must have had revenue in June 2015

Top 5 Fastest Growing
$40K-84K Sales June '16*
 Sales Change
Loli Ramezani $44,119 555%
Kelly Britton $82,494 243%
Pamela Puorro $50,432 185%
Angela Encarnacion $72,113 124%
Rico Andrews $53,933 124%
*Must have had revenue in June 2015

Top 5 Revenue Increase
$15K-$39K Sales* June '16
Franchisee Sales Change
Elizabeth Johnson $37,986 7601%
Rick Selvey $30,900 2422%
John Lybarger $39,793 63%
Lynn Hancock $34,285 104%
Mitchell Balaban $33,502 49%
*Must have had revenue in June 2015

Top 3 Revenue Increase
Up from 0 - June '16
Franchisee Sales
Gregory Laversa $28,232.44
Ken Good $11,928.16
Glynn Dillahunty $11,678.18
*Zero revenue in June 2015

Top New Franchisees
Up from $0 - June '16
Franchisee Sales
Glynn Dillahunty $11,678.18
Stuart Spoonemore $ 4,601
Sierra/Hoggs $2,940.25
Jones Olowoniyi $1,575.00
*In Operation Under One Year

ABC System Growth -
June '16
New Franchisees 2016 YTD 3
New Franchisees 2015 11
New Franchise
Territories 2016 YTD
New Franchise
Territories 2015
Area Reps 2016 22
Area Reps 2015 24

System-Wide Revenues -
June '16
Revenue Change
Jun-16 $9,770,639 10%
Jun-15 $8,905,721 21%
$7,241,930 29%
Jun-13 $5,162,541 41%
Jun-12 $3,240,518 94%
Jun-11 $1,742,437 --

System-Wide Revenues -
YTD '16
Period Revenue  Change
Jun-16 $57,608,709
Jun-15 $49,569,375
Jun-14 $40,366,955
Jun-13 $29,783,437
Jun-12 $17,007,489
Jun-11 $9,034,595

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